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VerandaSimply Floored
by Mickey Goodman

From the Ground Up

In tile flooring, what’s old is new. What’s new looks old. Squares are out. Modular shapes are in. Elongated planks and rods are available in lengths from one inch to forty-three inches. Iridescents, basketweaves, stripes – and a wide variety of cloros within each group – make design options even more promising. Finishes include natural matte, bush-hammered, satin, glossy and honed. Unique combinations of glass, metal, ceramic and stone take floors seamlessly from yesterday to tomorrow.
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Kick Off
by Mickey Goodman

Flooring Alternatives

The materials of tomorrow are available today. We can walk on leather or tramp across cork. Bamboo – a grass – has taken its place next to exotic hardwoods. Concrete, once relegated to the basement, has morphed into elegant interior flooring that can mimic ancient travertine or rustic woods. Vinyl is hot again. But it bears no resemblance to your grandmother’s kitchen floor. Best of all – most cutting-edge floor surfaces are eco-friendly taking the concept of “green” far beyond the color spectrum…

Hands On
by Mickey Goodman

Championing the Art of Craft

In an age when computer design is de rigueur and every product for the home is mass produced, rugs at Lacey-Champion Inc. are still created manually -- from inspiration to watercolor rendering to custom dyeing, tufting and backing. “You can’t half handcraft and we’re handcrafters.” says the 82-year old founder and president, Aimee Champion Lacey. She feels so strongly that her company must remain true to its roots that she shuns a Web site, company email and even voice mail. “If we’re not in, they’ll call back,” she says. And they always do…

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