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Magazine Articles

by Mickey Goodman (see also Online Magazine Articles)

Woman's Day Magazine

9 Married Couples Share Why They Renewed Their Vows

Country Living Magazine

25 Habits of People Who Age Gracefully

10 Things to Expect When You're Expecting to Be a Grandma

Woman's Day Magazine

The 25 Most Dangerous Mistakes People Make in the Summer

30 Things Marriage Therapists Want You to Know

Veranda Magazine

Veranda MagazineSimply Floored

Kick Off

Hands On

Southern Living

A Partnership Cast in Bronze
by Mickey Goodman

These Atlanta artists share the secrets of sculpting a beautiful life.

Cure Magazine

Paying it Forward: Trials Can Improve Life for Future Cancer Survivors

Holmes Magazine

Holmes Magazine articles by Mickey Goodman
Keep Water Away
by Mickey Goodman
View pdf

It's Easy Being Green
by Mickey Goodman
View pdf (4MB)

Canadian Architecture & Design
Canadian Architecture Magazine

Hitting All the Angels
by Mickey Goodman

Let the Sun Shine In (see p. 70)
by Mickey Goodman



Atlanta Magazine

Atlanta Magazine
"You Ain't Been Down My Street"
by Mickey Goodman
As a reporter, I set out to explore the awful reality of child sexual exploitation in Atlanta. As a 62-year-old grandmother, I encountered a world that broke my heart.

Love Story
by Mickey Goodman
Widowed after 42 years of marriage, I miss everything about us....

The Emotion Quotient
by Mickey Goodman
Not only does Dr. Rosalind Picard share a name with the commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise, her research on computers that sense expression of human emotion is compelling her to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Pink Magazine

Picture Perfect
by Mickey Goodman
An interview with Tipper Gore.

Ladies in Lockdown (pdf)
by Mickey Goodman

Gals at Guantanamo (pdf)
by Mickey Goodman
Female attorneys defend prisionors at Gitmo

Points North

Internet Safety
by Mickey Goodman

The Sweet Life

by Mickey Goodman
Michael Coles makes a career out of cookies, coffee, and kids.

Sally Ride, Star Struck (cover story)
by Mickey Goodman

"I always thought the sky was God’s paintbrush. Sally Ride conquered that paintbrush and made it into God’s easel." –Joanna Meyer, age 11.

Pano Karatassos
by Mickey Goodman

Born to Serve Fine Food

The call of the open road
by Mickey Goodman

Classic cars, the ultimate collection

Bathroom Renovations
by Mickey Goodman

Renovating a bathroom is a lot like taking a trip to an exotic locale. It requires research, planning, flexibility….

Fulton County Daily Report
Daily Report

Limiting the Stress of Tackling Stress (pdf)
by Mickey Goodman
Making time to care for their health can add stress to busy lawyer's loads

Not just for the girls (pdf)
by Mickey Goodman
IT WAS THE ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY celebration—a girlfriends getaway for 80 of the hostess’ closest friends. We traveled to Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, Calif., from Los An....

Living With History
WHETHER YOU’RE TALKING about a Victorian cottage from the 1800s, a ’50s ranch or a Georgian manor, details are what make a historic home special. Raised panel wains....

Fast Track Health Care
(Subscription Required)
IT’S NO SURPRISE that lawyers are often Type A personalities—workaholics, driven, competitive and obsessed with success. But the same men and women who wage war with th....

Atlanta Woman Magazine

Atlanta Woman  MagazineMinimum Wage, Maximum Challenge
by Mickey Goodman

Thousands of working women in Atlanta are living in poverty. By Mickey Goodman

Victor at Work, Victim at Home
by Mickey Goodman

How does a professional woman find herself trapped in the cycle of domestic violence?

The Doctor is In

by Mickey Goodman

More patients, men and women, are choosing female doctors. Here’s why and what a woman goes through to be at the top of her game.

Three Wise Women
by Mickey Goodman

Three spirtual leaders from differing religious backgrounds shed light on the meaning of the holidays

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